Thanks for watching guys Fidget Spinner Handspinner fidget toys Glow in The Dark via @bukalapak
Sry I can't show you the glow in the dark part. It Dident show on camera Created using VideoFX Live:
Make your fidget spinner glow in the dark with a simple trick using a glowstick, looks cool as and does not effect the spinning much at all! Cost very little, less then $1! Subscribe for [More]
UNBOXiNG REViEW OF XX ViBE E-SSENTiAL red Glow in the dark Fidget Spinner. (0.165 LB/0.075 kg) $4.99 at walmart.
Tack till dig jag fick fidget spinnern av haha! Jag รคr helt fast! I den hรคr videon testar jag olika fidget spinner tricks. Man kan ju sรคga att det gick sรฅdรคr... ______________________________________________________ HITTA MIG: โ™ฅ [More]