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Get your own fidget spinner! Use code ( Igor5 ) for a discount!!

Comparing a $1 fidget spinner from Aliexpress to a $20 official fidget spinner! Also comparing fidget spinners from Wish and reviewing other cheap fidget spinners.

Aliexpress fidget spinner: https://goo.gl/TczYvK

Things I use daily
Phone http://bit.ly/2capFQs
Laptop ( almost the same as I use ) http://bit.ly/2camaKc
Computer http://bit.ly/2cL2dza
My Camera https://goo.gl/gtkgYK
My big monitor https://goo.gl/reEJtQ
Storage http://bit.ly/2cz4oE0
GorillaPod http://bit.ly/2cQa0rm
Tripod ( looks like mine but any is good ) http://bit.ly/2cQfaDP
Edit program Final cut pro x

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SupItsIgor says:

Which one would you guys buy?

Another one! ; )

Daniel Nesbeth says:

I subscribed

Hama Jebali says:

I want a 1 pleasee

Eoin Flemo says:

another ausome vidio

Jan gameing Lol says:

So cool he works for YouTube and the dollar store

Cartoons TV! says:

I have never heard of a colour called dark white!!😂😂😂😂😂

Golden Rockstar says:

Igor Why Did You Always Show The Time??????????? And Always Show That Your On Your Bed…

alex humphrey says:

dude why did you quit your job that was kinda weird

Emilio Navarro says:

China Great Wall in Mexico 😂

Delano Giroir says:

y did you quit your job for this

Red_X -101 says:

The off white on is glow in the dark

Yusuf Lorgat says:

please can i have a fidget spinner i subscribed liked and put on notification i like all your video please can i have a fidget spinner

Kent gingo says:


noe santiago says:

Is the fidget spinner that cheap $1 dollar? I Found some for $3 or $4 dollars

Kayne Marshall says:

y do you have a ant blankit

funtime falisha says:

were is the 1$ fidget spinners

Dries Dude says:

Hey 👋🏻 could you please send me a Fidget spinner 😢

Dee Mee says:

Igor I like when you put the video to fast motion when your working out because it looks like your working out a lot😀😀😀😀😀

Crazy Cuber says:

Yeah. It is Dark White don't worry about it.

MCsown says:

maak een Nederlandse

pain says:

i ordered a 4$ fidget from aliexpress. i am getting it like 3 days later😊

Funny Penguin says:

Yea don't buy form wish that sell fake Pokemon and cheap stuff

flamingo says:

I have a 20 dollar fidget spinner :/ nz stuff are expensive.

MiningMichi28 says:

love your videos igor <3

Reeve Sookoo says:

go join buzzfeed now xD

search things says:

you are silly

Im Fans says:

If you play roblox i subscribe you


hello N O R M I E S, that know nothing about rare pepe's or top 10 Anime deaths

SophieVlog says:

I'm the only one who is brazilian here?

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