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Jorge Antonio Hernandez Mendiola says:

If he want to be like Jake Paul well let him be like Jake Paul it's his life is dude✌✌✌

samuel jr says:

Like the music

Fatemeh's Vlogs says:

Your to cringy Carlos

RDEX_ XD says:

Come to my home and I will buy it 5050 cbark

Bianca Hernandez says:

This is a part of Cnco

That nerf kid says:

I got the same rainbow figet spinner and it was $8

Savageking Ramos says:

Can you subscribe to
Me I will subscribe to you

plush_world lex says:

Omg I love despacito

Abraham Hernandez says:

Wait hold up the black fidget spinner stopped at 1 minute but then in the other video it was like 4 or 5 minutes EXPOSED!

Abraham Hernandez says:

Bruh how is this a social experiment

XxCatBoyPlayzxX Awesome says:

Not hating but copyright

ItzFlyGames says:

guys y is his mouth num does he have a toothache

Dan Musina élève says:

i ave a rainbow spinner

mohamed nur says:


mohamed nur says:


mohamed nur says:


mohamed nur says:

I won't the 50πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅

mohamed nur says:

I won't the

stacy's friend says:

wow that 50 dollar fidget spinner is like 7-9 dollars on amazon at 5 stars

Ξ”jenkoΞ” Obey says:

Liar πŸ€₯ I got the same oil slick fidget spinner and it was $14

Jessie Sanchez vlogs says:

i love yo vids and i liked how u put song despacito i know it because i am mexican

Alabanzas Del SeΓ±or says:

When you know it's just a fidget spinner

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