$10 Amazon Aluminum Fidget Spinner Review: Komvox, Timi Tree

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A review of the Komvox aluminum fidget spinner ( http://amzn.to/2rtXgwp ). This design is SUPER popular so you may also see it for sales as the as the Ezoon, and others.

I believe it's essentially the same spinner as the Timi Tree ( http://amzn.to/2sz6HiN ) and the Ezoon ( http://amzn.to/2smBj6D )

Some versions cost more ( http://amzn.to/2synV00 ), but it's unclear why. I'd avoid those!

Ultimately, this is a lightweight aluminum spinner with stainless steel ball bearing weights and a steel R188 bearing. It's surprising good for its price and I like it a lot more than I expected (not that I expected to like it very much).

I can find no major problems with this spinner and it seems like a pretty good deal. If you are looking for metal tri-spinner under $15 and you are more concerned about performance than looks, than check these aluminum spinners out!

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LilLegyiths says:

neat. might grab one

Rick Temmen says:

Good video … Thanks

BaddaBigBoom says:

The first spinner I bought is similar to this except it does not have the studs in between the arms and sadly is made of aluminium rather than "aloominum" 😉 It spins really smoothly and fast but not for very long (about 2 min) …it is very light and very nice, I still like it a lot.

lowtuned says:

i love this kind of tri aluminum spinners. i gonna get this one also.
favorite is the ezoon / fengniao spinner. best design in my opinion. and interesting color variations.

Empire X says:

do more torqbar vids and I recommend you buy a torqbar I bought from Amazon is silver is aluminum alloy ans is really good wayy better than amilife is about 7 dollars and the company is Hearttoheart

THE NEWreviewERA says:

I have one made by VMEI. its one with the split arms, they also have a mini version which I also have. I've also saw that they sell a piece to connect them both together.

Nick Rabe says:

You can actually balance that spinner on a pen or a tooth pick because of that little hole on the bottom cap.

Robert Rosenberger says:

1:05 nanayana 😀

Nickle Daly says:

10 bucks for that hunk of junk. Try to put it in a water bottle. Please dont kill the ducks

WolfCraftGamer Z says:

second subscribed user

Nick says:

first like first view.

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