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Unknown Person says:

First off thanks for watching! means a lot!
Second, I got this on eBay for around $13. Just look it up pretty much anywhere and you should be able to get yourself one. They're all the SAME!!!!

mmc bb says:

If its twelve sided it is not a CUBE

Angryman09 says:

I go That won for 9 dollers

Dark Cali says:

high quality my ass, it's a bad chinese one your fidget cube

•Skinny Legend• says:

I got the same thing but 1 of the smiley faces fell off hues I shouldn't have pulled it my hardest

What I was really maf

Madison Holohan says:

In general, i think your videos are helpful. Just try to be a bit more enthusiastic

Ethan Kramis says:

Rub your finger in there


Is this unknown person Johnny Orlando

DigitalYojimbo says:

Try turning off auto white balance.

Alaw Lollop says:

hello from in Rissian

Red Slayer Asylum says:

I have the same "high quality" fidget cube at the mall for $6

Andrew Pham says:

i say its wasteful i hate the 12 sided ones i like the normal 6 sided ones

Nga Tran says:

An you send me 1 12 sided fidget cube

Twitch says:

for some reason this reminds me of a plumbus

AP STP says:

Well, you can't take the Holy Crystal to work or to school because of a big it is and it can't fit into your pocket.

Chetan Mohan Joshi says:

boring for me enjoy your self

Trypno says:

Your 'High Quality' fidget cube is one of the knockoffs. Other than that, I haven't watched the vid yet, but I don't have anything else to add and won't be criticizing you.

unknown? says:

i subscribed cause your unknown and your videos are on point

Bring me the milk Mother says:

It's an dodecahedron

Samsung/Android Is the best says:

fidget hexagon

Rohma Ali says:

Thank you for this video! I ordered two of these from amazon instead of a fidget cube not knowing how they "fidget" and how big they were but this cleared up my confusion. I'm waiting eagerly for them to arrive now!

Cousin fun Apples says:

Liar it's not fake

Dark immortal prime says:

I Actually have bought a fake and a real fidget cube So i can compare on my channel the fake One was cheaper on amazon. And i like the real one better although The fake has not arrived Yet i still might like the real one better when i picked up the real one i wanted the one with the joystick to be longer on top i thought the real was a Rip-off so i Bought a fake so i was going to return it when i watched a video on a fake cube and real Cube they said the one with the antsy labs logo on the case and the Analog stick was real. I was happy i bought a real and not fake so i have both and i will be See which i like better. also the fidget cubes are smaller in real life then i thought.

Shadow and Legit Ghost Adventures says:

Yeah I'm gonna freaking rub my finger on it freaking everything

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