15 ways to spin a Fidget Spinner

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We decided to make a video about a fidget spinner because it is a big trend (check google trends omg) and if you make a video about a growing trend, it will get more views (logic) and the more views you get, the more famous you are and we get one more subscribers. #youtubegoals
And I don’t get it, there are so many channels that say they have a 1000 mph spinner. Remember mph is MILES PER HOUR, I THINK THAT A FIDGET SPINNER SPINS AND THAT IT’S RPM, ROTATIONS PER MINUTE, and it would probably go 400-600 rpm

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Kazoo Kid says:

wow this is so cool i love your channel! #giveaway

xX[Music]Xx says:

put tags in this video to get more views op : THE MOST IKPORTANT TIP

JulianTSI Gaming says:

Awesome Vid!

JulianTSI Gaming says:


Dingo Don says:

Something interesting to take into account tho, the friction and deceleration can be reduced extremely by WD-40, or other oiling materials, thus giving it a longer and more interesting spin.

Dingo Don says:


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