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This collection of 16 fidget spinners is rare and unusual. They include a compass spinner, solid gold spinner, fidget cubes and jewelry fidget spinner!

120 Fidget Spinner Collection

Haunted Fidget Spinner Playlist

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Elena Ketner says:

I love your videos

Fanpack919 Mitchell says:

can i get a fidget spinner i watch your youtube channel since you starded#best youtube channnel ever#i subed

Reese Honadle says:

Send one to me

Maison & Milo says:

Can you please give me a fidget spinner

Nia Setya Dirdaharja says:

Siri do you don't want to cupcake Kayla TV show I'm the greatest over give me a cool fidget spinner and I get more to school please borrow me a big spider

Patricia Camus says:

Can I plz have one figet red

sophie Mulder's says:

i love your videos because u make the Best videos because u are super awesome as.

sophie Mulder's says:

can I have a fidget spinner please.

Mangle Sister says:

😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢 i knew i would never ever win!

Adam Scapolatempore says:

We're did you get your lava lamp on your counter

Chris Sears says:

Your the best YouTuber love you guys

Marvin Griffis says:

I love your videos David TV

Marvin Griffis says:

Great video I subscribed

Alicia Hall says:

Awesome Videoooooooo

Alicia Hall says:

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Alicia Hall says:

Awesome vid can you please send me one?

yeah Right says:

I have the ball

Gavin Bethlenfalvy says:

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Joseph Fraga says:

Love you people

Abby Robinette says:


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