$2 Spintech fidget spinner vs $20 Aluminum tri-spinner

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Standard $2 plastic Spintech fidget spinner ( http://amzn.to/2p36mAs ) compared to the high-end $20 metal alloy model ( http://amzn.to/2om2sTu ). The design is the same but one has a heavier aluminum body. A number of people asked for a comparison of the plastic Spintech Omega versus the aluminum one, so here you go!

I haven't been able to find consistent branding on the aluminum model, so naming it has been a challenge. You can usually find it by looking for "aluminum spinner" or something along those lines. Here are some general links: http://bit.ly/2o3dX0Q (Ali) and Amazon ( http://amzn.to/2pp2V6A ).

I like the feel of the aluminum model and it looks great. That said, is has a SERIOUS problem: the buttons brush up against the body when you spin it on one side. If you flip it, it's fine and spins for 2 minutes and 30 seconds or so (video coming soon). I've tried to fix this by adjusting the buttons and bearing but nothing worked. I think I just got a bad model.

The plastic Spintech spinners are not known to be very durable, but mine has held up well, and I really like the sound of the ceramic hybrid bearings. So in my opinion, these are an insane deal for $5 or even under $10 with fast shipping ( http://amzn.to/2pp7g9I ) and customer service from Amazon if you get a bad one.

So I would not recommend the aluminum model. It's pretty cool, but if you are going to spend the money I'd get a copper one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dAxr2iPseA&t=2s

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NukeBlast 117 says:

Yo my birthday is coming up do you think you can possibly giveaway one to me? You can comment back on this or in my channel. thnx

NonChannel! says:

Ive got the blue aluminum from amzon

XxDomno87xX says:

Are these better than the torqbar?

Thekowla You says:

I have the white one but it's not plastic

Jenna says:

Can I hydro dip the aluminum fidget spinner? Can you please do a aluminum hydro dip video?

Alison Wonderland says:


Menton mountan says:

I got my spintech and it spins 30 seconds any reason why

Liam Lundenor says:

I have the 20$ Aluminum in pink and it's sooo good! 😀

infinite zero says:

I got an aluminum one for $3

kid sans says:

the overboard came back in a new form lol

XarriYT says:

I have the same 1s but I bought the blue shiny metal 1 for 6 pounds and I bought the other for 4

Scientific Chicken says:

I have the same design as that, but in titanium. it doesn't rub on cap, and, it's quite light, maybe you can review a titanium one

xxsimplyashxx says:

my aluminum only spins for 20 seconds

[GAMER 12 YOLO] says:

what the best from these two ?

A2J 08 says:

Which one do think would last longer ? Plz respond

ExpertApple says:

Good luck everyone 👍🏽

ExpertApple says:

Sal I have entered the give away and done everything asked 👍🏽 hope I win I've never done these give always before

SpearMintCookies says:

when he put it on the scale I thought it was 58 pounds lol

SpearMintCookies says:

I got the 20$ one for one dollar and free shipping in mint condition on ebay

Ninjamertle 2005 says:

My things that you hold on to have snapped off while I was sninning it all night my dad gonna be angry

The Talking Taco says:

plastic one is better for me

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