2017 White Tri Fidget Spinner with Full Ceramic Bearings

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Just got these fidget spinners in the mail, straight off the trade show floor in China.
I don't expect to see these available from US stores for a few weeks.
-- https://goo.gl/U9fxLP
You can check Amazon to see if they are in stock, but if the new spinners are out of stock, Amazon suppresses the listing until there is inventory available.

I check at least once a day to see if new spinners show up in the search results.


Girjanand says:

i want to buy where to buy i am from india

Charli Penny says:

this is shit I think the old one r better

Nicholas Lien says:

I am a little confused as to what type of bearing you have in the middle. Is it full cermaic? As you stated in your video, it is deemed full ceramic, however, others are saying it is a hybrid ceramic bearing? And aren't full ceramic bearings suppose to have a white, outer shell?

unicorn vally says:

mines can spin for 44 seconds

Trezy says:

Good vid man!

Kadem Allami says:

Im getting a fidget spinner im so happy devonshire mall in canada has a store with diffrent fidget spinners but the app wish is better the mall one is 30 for 1 wish is 16 for 4

Dylan _Chn says:

I b have a metal bearing white spinner from 7 11 that lasts for 2:20 minutes

Sync Orb says:

How do you take the grease out of the full ceramic bearing in steps please!.

Klysh Luis says:

Ken i have one spiners

NRK says:

Hey, Frankensleeve can you subscribe to me and check out my channel. I really need it and I would appreciate it too!

Lucas Wong says:

Lol it feak🤗


nice video man!


i thought full ceramic bearings should get around 3 mins for this style of spinners?

deadshot3369 says:

#frankensleeve I have a question for you

deadshot3369 says:

it will be the first one

deadshot3369 says:

#frankensleeve cand you subscrie to me @ #dead_shot33 69

deadshot3369 says:

my hybrid berings spun for 3 minutes 4 seconds

Hugo Hallmén says:

I bought a plastic tri-spinner for like 10$ and it spins for 3-4 minutes, it has ceramic bearing and yours to. I don't understand how yours spin for like 1 minute……

Enzorox says:

i bought one for around 2 buck, it spinned over 5 minutes before it stop.

Android Tutorials says:

I ordered one of these, it will come next month and I'll post my spin times.🌀

Nathan Bell says:

FYI the link doesn't work, well for me anyways

responsedude1 says:

cut your nails you filthy animal

ItsJustAidan says:

Mine just got 3:24 first attempt

OYTL says:

Clip your nails god dang

Chantelle Freeman says:

This video was really useful, thank you for making it. It would be cool if you could test out things like the fidget cude aswell. 😀

For That Reason says:

wtf are those nails

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