24 USD Best iSpin Hand Spinner, Fidget Spinner, Spinner Tricks On Indiegogo By Feelingtech

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iSpin Hand Spinner Indiegogo Campaign: https://goo.gl/4mmIz1
Finally, iSpin comes up with a high quality brass made hand spinner that affordable by most of us.
The iSpin hand spinner is full brass made. All the parts are processed by CNC machines. The best quality stainless steel R188 bearing used inside makes the spinner zero noise and super balanced on your hand. 18 colorful o rings on six heads make the spinner looks like a rainbow when spinning. Moreover, the spinner can spin 3-5 minutes and easy to play tricks with it.
Be one of the first to own this fantastic spinner with only US$ 10 and supporting our Indiegogo campaign.
Get yours here now: https://goo.gl/4mmIz1

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King Andrei says:

I Got Mine for $7/350 Pesos

kkajabab hhs says:

gira quanto tempo?

les barbares d'élites says:

Hello sir I would like to do a pub on Ispin hand spinner ?? Thank you for your understanding

Zarif vlogs says:

But my ispin spinner just 20 second only spins

Brayan Giraldo says:

In conclution ¡Expencive!

Ernesto Osorio says:

The spinner fly?

emiliano fužine says:

ispin is best finger spinner

dylpickles2011 says:

I backed you guys 32 Canadian dollars 🙂 hope to get my 2 spinners soon they look amazing

EU Bike Dude says:

The grammar in the voice over is not great, I'd suggest redoing it. Lots of "is" instead of "are" for example.

SAMU T says:

"most of us"


tim hazelhoff says:

Ik wil hem heen ik woon op oefenen

AdroZz [ RoadTo 0,5 K] ] says:

what the most fastest hand spinner plz , thank's 🙂

Alperen Sarılara says:

Where And when can we buy it ?

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