$24,000 Gold Fidget Spinner!!!

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Ninja_Are_Joshua says:

Itz Karm Please Shoutout My Youtube channel on Sunday October 1 Please! And I did everything already!

Staying Kingdom Minded says:

my son has that fidget spinner too 🙂 the mean comments are not needed! people can never just be happy for others….oh well thats life lol…. great video 🙂 love ur channel!!

James 1389 says:

in India it is just 299 Rs

llamalord 123 says:

Fucking die you shit

JordanBruhh says:

0:00 that high quality 1080p screenshot dow

World gaming Entertainment says:

Congrats on 7,600

Mr Stone says:

wow thats awesome man…gold

johnsalamoun says:

It's Karm it's my fidget spinner and I bought it for 5$

Dead Slayer says:

its so cringy

Leah Kayani says:

It's not carrot gold bs

xXJace PlayzXx says:

you hacked your subs the real is 7100 subs but its 7.1k subs

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