3 Awesome Life Hacks or Spinner Toys

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3 Awesome Life Hacks or Spinner Toys
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Cameron Janocha says:

Arent you mr gear both of you have similar hands and use the same matches

Five nights At raiders says:

3:14 emo kids favorite spinner thing

Satish Mandrekar says:

I like because it was not safe

Beginner Life says:

Guys subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe you back with 3 accounts! Promise!! 😊

Pramod Viswam says:

don't hurt your self with the blade

LFF tv LFF tv says:


Gun Daze says:

this dude needs to get better at using thumbnails cause its pretty obvious he used either ketchup or barbecue sauce for a fake blood look(it dont even look like blood)XD

Asmi Tamang says:

I liked this video because you do not care about your hand spin the blade spinner

Elizabeth Ramos says:

Dude it just a video

Yina Gonzalez says:

Ese tipo se corto la mano x marica miren en el minuto 4:00


Blades is so dangerous

Anshuman Srivastava says:

the bleat one is very dangerous

Kenzy Ahmed says:

انت بتعلم العيال الفساد

Mirror Jaleel says:

Mirror jaleel

luce Carolina Murillo says:

La jente esta loca

Mahbubur Rahman liton says:

Your mom dont umderstand you to not playing with blade?

syarah daulay says:

gila banget silet jadi spinner itu mah namanya nyakiti tubuh

sneha,s world says:

You should not make the blade spinner its dangerous I am unsubscribing your channel

vicente alcarraz says:

Eso es quecchu

iqbal singh says:

Blade fidget spiner is very danderous don't try it at home

Aryan Garg says:

it is a tomato souce

Alsin Arbenit says:

Me mermelat

Sushma Kumari says:

what is called of rounding thing

Rahmat Widi Raharjo says:

terlalu berbahaya

Grönlandi Kocka Fejedelemség says:

What is the second music?

Noushad Khan says:

Dragon ball z

Maruf Naiim says:

Are you really crazy man

help me reach 100 subs says:


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