3 SIMPLE WAYS TO BUILD A DIY FIDGET Spinner!!! Easiest Way with Glue gun.

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3 SIMPLE WAYS TO BUILD A FIDGET Spinner. Easiest Way with Glue gun.

Hi everyone! We all like to play with something when we are nervous or have nothing to do. You can find antistress toys everywhere, you can buy them in any store or on the internet. Nowadays the most popular antistress devices are spinners: toys for restless hands to kill time. Anyone can get one without any problem. But we are not "anyone", so in this video we are going to teach you how to make a spinner with your own hands.

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Calasans Neto says:

Nice video, I liked it! 

I already subscribed to your channel.

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I also did a really cool HAND SPINNER, see the video:   https://youtu.be/pFGC-_zkS9Q

JJ Rueda says:

never put a wd40 on a bearing it slows down

Ayden Allen says:

can I have spinner

illy sigelman says:

i am the 7500 view

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