$300,000 This Month! FIDGET SPINNER MONEY!

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Locc Loc says:

That was not 300'000$ that was probably 36$ and down🤔.

Austin Lebeau says:

cool can I have it.arianna snopek from minonk

java joe says:

question for you… what are Amazon Hijackers?… and how do you deal with them.. please make a video.. joe

SkyRaven says:

This bid sucked

Daniela Ayala says:

I'm confused. When i read this title i remember you saying to stay away from fidfet spinners. WTH? lol

oddnamera says:

So I noticed a giant disclaimer on the amazon course. I was about to get it, but now am a little unsure. Is there a reason why you put it up. Is it still reliable?

Internet Marketing Tips w/ Chris says:

Amazing! Stay on Top 🙂

primo Day says:

Love the content but I have read a lot of bad comments on sellers that are blocked for no real reason on amazon.
How is that possible?

Daisha Brantley says:

running with light up shoes

Kaitlyn Moke says:


Malik Johnson says:

what is your email. I like to join your facebook group?

Rabid says:

Keep it up man! Going to england for a month and am buying the course as soon as I get back!

Gumer Zambrano says:

5 more subs for 8k !!

H G says:

About how much would shipping cost for products?

ATLUV15 says:

Im convinced I'm gonna buy the course Next Friday, when I get paid.

Kwan yu says:

Hey tanner, great content!
Would you mind to give me an advice?
Whats the best option to ship to Amazon from china with small amount of goods? Most freightforwarders are best for larger shipments but costly for smalls amounts. Express seems to be charging me crazy amounts. Is it possible to ship around 1 CBM of goods with around $200-$300?

AsimWallaceiam says:

Hey man, I was wondering how do I join your Facebook group?

ching wik Huang says:

Tanner how can I go to page 1 on a very competitive product?

imsowealthy19 says:

If someone has already purchased the course, how long will they have access to it?

Robert Mokshefsky says:

999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 of cash

H Man says:

Hi Tanner, you mentioned in this vid you research your products in other amazon markets the same way as you do in the .com market (via JS). I'm assuming your settings/criteria in the JS settings page will be significantly different though, i.e. the UK and CA markets are much smaller. Any tips on this? Divide sales / reviews by 5? 10? any tips appreciated!

Connor Hay says:

Hey guys, don't mean to spam here but I've recently uploaded a video that explains the basics of starting your own social media marketing agency without a lot of money. If your interested check it out and there will be more videos coming very soon! Cheers!

Hayden Bowles says:

My buddy is doing 30-50k/month drop shipping fidget spinners (free + shipping offer). He controls the traffic on IG Has millions and millions of followers. Can't imagine that will last much longer or continue to go up hahaha

Sam Kolby says:

Hey Tanner had a question regarding FBA. Where do you find customs data and the import taxes/fees for products imported from China?

I have all other costs for the product figured out and it seems profitable, I just want to make sure I don't end up paying some ridiculous tax for importing my goods.

Dumbest Prodigy says:

what's your email? coz i want to ask you personally. thx 🙂

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