3D Printed New York Yankees Fidget Spinner Using The Geeetech E180

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Hi Guys!

A while back a friend of mine contacted me and was wondering if I could print some fidget spinners for his niece and nephew. Unfortunately we started talking about it about the time my Mom's health started to fail.

Now that things are starting to get back on track, I wanted to get these done for him. The first one being the New York Yankees Fidget Spinner. You can find the model here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2290922

I decided to try it out on the Geeetech E180, and it turned out great! My only regret was not turning the heat up more for the white Geeetech PLA to make it smooth out better. Other than that, even the bridging where I forgot to have supports came out great.

Thank you very much for watching!!!

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Toilet Seat Gamer says:

Hi Jimmy, how would you rate this 3d printer in terms of quality etc? I'm looking to buy one and it seems simple and easy to use though a bit more pricey compared to the Geeetech Acrylic Prusa I3 Pro B

nirmal says:

Thanks for yet another good video on the E180. You are the best independent source on information in the world on this attractive little printer. One thing you haven't really covered in detail yet is what hardware and software this printer runs on. Is it a customised version of repetier or marlin (or another of the other usual suspects) running on a 8 bit arduino or something else altogether? Is the software currently enabled to support a heated bed or would that need a firmware upgrade from Geetech? Is it be possible to crank up the hotend temperature above the advertised maximum of 230C or is the maximum limit enforced by the firmware? What is the arrangement of the parts cooling fan like? Is there provision to hook up extra cooling fans? That would be very useful information for people looking at buying this device.

I like your presentation style. It is refreshingly different from the super edited professional documentary style a lot of tech channels are trying to portray. I can relate more to the 'guy next door showing his experiences , both good and bad' than to a semiprofessional documentary maker churning out content for profit.


Good job dude

Turenkarn's 3D Tanks says:

if your using cura in the experimental section there is the iron function it will make a hot end pass over the last layer it put down to smooth the last layer. not recommended on curved surface. it makes the model look like it has a powder of snow over the curved to top layer. 🙂

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