5 Best Fidget Spinners You Should Have (2017)

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Love Fidgeting? Want to relieve stress? Need more concentration? Then you are in the right place. Here are the best fidgeting toys you can purchase straight away without breaking your bank. These fidget toys are super helpful to reduce stress and anxiety. They help you to kill your time as well but that's not recommended tho, time is precious bro! All the product links are available down below.

5 Latest & Awesome Fidget Spinners : https://youtu.be/aephqiic3Dk

The Jammer: http://bit.ly/2mjUaJQ ($4 Gearbest: http://bit.ly/2qAgfph)
Ceramic Bearing Gyro Spinning Toy($4): Amazon: http://amzn.to/2nmhU0D
Gearbest: http://bit.ly/2mQJF15
Think Ink Pen: http://bit.ly/2nmvUYs Gearbest($6): http://bit.ly/2pGYDuI
Copper Bearing Gyro Spinning Toy($8): http://bit.ly/2mCJPK9 & http://amzn.to/2nxiMir
Fidget Cube ($5): http://bit.ly/2mjP0fU
[Official Version ($22): http://bit.ly/2mjW50S]
BATMAN style spinner ($3): http://bit.ly/2pcDVAt

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Incredibles ! says:

Top 5 Best Fidget Spinners You Should Have #2


Graveyard Giggles says:

First step to make a spinner video, is show them a fidget stick

Kira 890 says:

pls give me all that fidget spinners


I have 2 arm fidget spinner

Abdu Abdullah says:

The title is fidget spinner

Pamela Braak says:

lol. i love it

TylzeyGaming says:

that is shit vid

Pan Sowa says:

That should be fidget spinners retard

Grosir Kue Kering says:

lol lel u thats not fidgets spinners punk u sucks

Arab Katib says:

Click baity..
I wanted to see the different types of Fidget Spinners.. especially the blue diamond one.. 🙂
Liars.. :o)

CreeperBoy666 GAMER says:

for those who wants to instantly go the fidget spinner part :

antikiller92 says:

Name of the song on 0:13 ???

DiegoWuiz 12 says:

am gonna give away a metal fidget spinner that is super fast and worthy!!!! sub and comment to my channel and ill pick the winner!!!! 🙂

Pikaztaike says:

to mutch Pikachus in this video!!!!!

GRIEVER 31 says:

The fidget c6be dosent do anything its just boring

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