5 Craziest Things Youtuber Done With Fidget Spinners(1000$ spinner vs galaxy 8) Compilation 2017!!!

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In today's video I've shown 5 craziest things youtuber done with fidget spinner
Here hydraulic press channel totally crushes the spinner
Gizmoslip cover 1000$ fidget spinner on samsung galaxy s8 abs throws from 100 ft
A guy put the spinner on railway track but he didn't record it
Alumitube pours aluminium on f the spinner and it just got totally burned
What's inside cut the spinner in two pice

comment below which one do you like?

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Fidget spinner vs train

Crushing Fidget Spinner with hydraulic press / hydraulic press channel

Can $1000 of Fidget Spinners Protect Galaxy S8 from 100 FT Drop Test? / Gizmo slip

What's inside a fidget spinner / what's inside

Molten aluminium vs fidgetspinner / alumitube

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