5 Fidget Toys you didn’t know existed

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5 Fidget Toy you didn’t know existed

A look at some hand spinners/ fidget toys. While not for everyone, they are definitely fun for restless hands throughout the day. this are the list of 5 Fidget Toys you didn’t know existed

Product Links:

Fidgi Pen : https://igg.me/at/fidgipen/x

Spinerds : fastbacker.com

Think Ink Pens : https://igg.me/at/thinkink/x

MOKURU : https://igg.me/at/mokuru/x

Polarpen : https://polarpen.com/

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Chris Hall says:

Can you buy it on amazon

PaulLonden says:

Number two was extremely boring…….

bivvion tube says:

i thought fidgets were designed so people would stop messing with pend

Ahlie Zoghlin says:

Omg I neeeeeed these. My teacher literally had to take my pen away because I was clicking the top so much she gave my a pencil

Corrado Caruso says:

Intro song?!

This Name Is Not Necessary says:

I know everything wow false title for me

Mustafa Khan says:

Does anyone know where to get the last one

Arth says:

I have the polar pen! ^^

Vibudh Sharma says:

0:18 who writes like that?!?!?!

THICCCompilation says:

3:18 yeeeeey i got a dildoooo

Tyler Small says:

….. i just have a shortened bike chain i plated in nickel

Abdu Salam says:

Fastest spinny toy on this earth. Toy yo yos spin faster. And helicoptet propellers and those flying fairy things. And fidget spinner with compressed air. Totally the fastest spinning toy. I can track it with full speed. I cant track everything above it though

Adam Gaafar says:

I have that polar pen

Patrick Yackley says:

'With a force of 800 Amperes' you don't measure force using Current 2:10

Aleksi Kontinen says:

Just buy spinner and handle your adhd

PrPv423 -? says:

all of you fuckers say "you didn't know existed" I knew vat19 and that pen before this video existed and before you got a life

because you never got one.

don't say I'm lying.
I didn't watch the whole video and I know it's from vat19.
I'm only at 0:03

NikcyYoutuber says:

Clickbait. Because all of the figet toys were ones that I knew about and the title said I didn't so CLICKBAIT ALERT!

jacob grenzebach says:


Justin Latta says:

I already new all of these existed

GamerPlayz -Videos!! says:

Spinerds are hurricane balls

FlameLegendGT says:

6:40 if that was a lead pencil

Marc Sticken says:

I as a populace of the autistic people am pissed that we are associated with the cancerous fidget spinner


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Teun Vooys says:

number 3 sucks so hard holy

Skadoosh says:


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