5 Simple and Fun Ways To Make Fidget Spinner At Home

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In past two months we have made a few different fidget spinners. In this video compilation we have included 5 different fidget spinner making tutorial.
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1) Song: Lensko - Rebirth [NCS Release]
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jam garcia says:

where do you buy bearings

Jose Bonfim says:

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amal zuhair says:

Now all I have to do is get that cassette tape I threw away ten years ago

Ana Kurtanidze says:

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Electric Hacker says:


Jose Jaime says:

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proudpilot777 says:

worst spinners ever spinners suck

Apurva Kumar says:

thats awesome. surely gonna make for me.
loved and subscribed this channel. for those who love this channel, checkout SCIEXPEL on youtube

Dimitris Xaitas says:

you are genius

Darth Potato says:

watching a video about fidget spinners while spinning a fidget spinner

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