$9 Metal Fidget Spinner “Tiger Crusader” – Review and Demonstration

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Can a $9 fidget spinner perform like a high end fidget spinner? I can't do any fidget spinner tricks, so I can't really comment on that. My Tiger Crusader pushes 4+ minute long spin times which is pretty awesome for a cheap fidget spinner.

I got mine here:

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Kory Andrews says:

Just unscrew the buttons smart one.

gabriel aian Aquino says:

i had like that too i just brought it yesterday but i have the bronze one

I'm Jason says:

Hey Not Bad.. I Have The Same One But Its Made Of Bronze..

SkullHQ says:

Has it held up well over time? Is it super wobbly?

Pablo Cfour says:

I will pay like 5 dollars on gear best 😀

Dr.Twisted says:

How long did the shipping take?

Dylan Kowalski says:

9 bucks not bad

CookieMasterGames says:

Awesome vid brother keep up the good work!

ssniper gaming says:

i just bought this one yesterday i've been looking all over youtube for this and just found this good review!

Justin Kyle Acosta says:

You should stick to skill toys.

aroundthefur says:

isn't a hubstack yoyo just a fidget spinner in the long run?

Luke Durnall says:

the buttons should unscrew

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