AN EPIC FIDGET SPINNER! iSpin Premium Brass Metal EDC ADHD Toy Hand Spinner [Review]

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Fidget spinners are the newest toy craze of 2017. It helps those with ADD, ADHD, Aspergers Disease, Anxiety, Stress, and is both tons of fun and a teacher's nightmare. Along with the Fidget Cube, it is a perfect Everyday Carry (EDC) fidget toy.

In this review, we check out a high end, premium brass metal fidget spinner, the iSpin. I think it's the best fidget spinner out there, so we'll see how much better it is than the standard fidget hand spinners.

Watch the spin test:

How to find:
- The Premium Brass Metal Fidget Hand Spinner:
- A Standard Fidget Spinner:
- A Fidget Cube:
- Other fidget toys:


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Alexis McGowan says:

Mine comes tomorrow

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Kevin Miranda says:

Can you make a Skull fidget spinner Review? Please.

CaptainSeebas says:

dude this video is crispy! you have a very nice personality and you make some cool videos. Love the framing, it seems you're right in front of me talking and not a "distant" show host. Keep it up pal! subbed.

Entertainment says:

Presentation is nice. You are pleasant. Tip: Move the camera down so your head is near the top of the frame. I know you want to show off that light in the back, but it's a weird angle!

Luke Canlas says:

Hey man i saw this video on the site. I just want to know, when did you receive yours. My status still says ''Order Locked''

This Is Tech Today says:

Watch the real time spin test:
How to find:
– The Premium Brass Metal Fidget Hand Spinner:
– Purchase a Standard Fidget Spinner:
– Purchase a Fidget Cube:
– Purchase other fidget toys:

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