Apsung Fidget Spinner, Hand Spinner ADHD Fidget Toy

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Apsung Fidget Spinner, Hand Spinner ADHD Fidget Toy, Shining Spins, EDC Copper High Speed Tri-spinner, Noiseless Spins for Relieving Anxiety, Stress and Boredom - Shining Copper

Now this is a heavy duty fidget spinner. My husband saw this and had to have it so I got it for him for his birthday. He has been sitting on the couch spinning the spinner as he is streaming movies and watching TV. This spinner is different from the ones you have seen with the three rounded edges. This one requires assembly. It is easy to do and can be done with no tools. It is very quiet and spins smoothly. It is made of brass and is very durable. My daughter has dropped it several times and it is still intact and no damages on the spinner. It is definitely worth it for the quality of the spinner.

You can get it here https://www.amazon.com/Apsung-Spinner-Tri-spinner-Noiseless-Relieving/dp/B06Y5SS5DH.

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