Best $100 Weird WALMART Tech

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Last time I checked out weird tech at the $1 dollar store, but this time I am back again to see what crazy tech Walmart has!

LAST VIDEO ►I set my $1300 Louis Vuitton Case on fire!

Check out the techsmartt instagram for vid sneak peaks (got some bangers coming)!!

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This is one of my favorite tech series by far. Last time I checked out a $1 dollar store for the weirdest tech I could find. This time I wasn't able to get to a five below but I found a Walmart and spent $100 budget.


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TechSmartt says:

lol i asked for dislikes and u guys actually did it….savages!!!

kevin Molina says:

He said best buy

Bryan Chavez says:

I subscribed and pressed notification I said Spider-Man Preston notification

XxPixelArtLoganxX says:

Wtf is he wearing?

Nette Gomez says:

me be like: hahahahaha

Marieanne Mccabe says:

Why was most of the video cut

Faze riper says:

I have one of those mouse mat

don't read my profile says:

he says best buy while its walmart

Pablo Martinez says:

A fun store a smartphone store MetroPCS

TheActingBug HollywoodDreamer says:

I think the emergency blanket is meant for The rain

TheActingBug HollywoodDreamer says:

It's so annoying that guys at my school call the toy section, the cancer section for the Autistic Aisle.

jelly roberts games says:

He said outside of best buy.


Your dumb as asked for dislikes and that’s what you got

Zcarose says:

No offense, but Keaton nipple is the center of his torso. He's a male, how is that possible?

Sufyan Jaunbocus says:

Keaton ur fat

peanut61 bro says:

ok disliked for u

DarkWolfGaming says:

That shirt tho

Parker Coyne says:

We have a flare gun on are 64foot yacht

Alex Cox says:

Go to big k

Coolyswag AJ says:

Me want the shiny blankie😢😲

Crazy Vid says:

Why did you say best buy

Question mark Games says:

YouTube Socks, Small Dude Perfect Shirt, Snapchat Glasses. Keaten, You are a savage.

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