Best, Fastest, Longest Spin Time Fidget Spinner Ever From Amazon ( Not Wish )

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This all metal fidget spinner from Amazon is amazing spins over five (5) minutes easy. Wish all my fidget spinners would spin this long but with ceramic bearings what do you expect? Spins along time for sure. Spins over three minutes actually it spins over five minutes. Crazy Steampunk Style will drive you wild. I feel like this is the best , fastest , craziest , longest spinning Fidget spinner of all spinners. Great for Every Day Carry EDC If you are serious about fidget spinners this is a must buy. Top 5 spinner in the world of fidget spinners. I doubt there is a spinner on or the wish app that could hang with it.


Donald White says:

Ive got a fidget spinner that i timed at 14minutes & 57 seconds!

Mya Zook says:

U are the BBBBest LLLLove Your videos!

Haacer says:

Where can I set the code hclqcxl in Wish?

Out Glitcherz says:

Great Video! Hope Looking Foward To U Uploading A Lot More Fidget Spinner Videos!

Ya Yeet says:

Wow 300 subs thats alot I have 3000 subs

Kyler1023 says:

Do a giveaway

Jake Porter says:

Love your videos man

PoPPinJoker says:


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