Best Fidget Spinner Bearing

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How I the owner of FidgetThings cleans bearings before installing in each spinner. This process has take some time to discover but this has delivered the best results! Yes I am in my bathroom...


Beaston 623 says:

Hi I just recently got a spinner and I got steel bearings I was wondering if that was a good choice

DaRealDeal says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I got clickbaited
So did you

Easton Mcneill says:

where do u buy your bearing… and what ones r those

SwiftDragon 568 says:

What bearings were those steel?

Kim Casella says:

200th sub 😀

EMR47 GAMING says:

what is the spin time on a steel bearing spinner from fidget things?

Legendary Kirin says:

doing that for my longboard lol, and hope i win the giveaway

Joshua Brenner says:

Where do you buy your bearings?

CokePopLabs says:

Damn 500+ views with less 62 subs

Dustin A. says:

Hi I just subscribed

Joey Miller says:

Please post more videos

Josh Hernandez says:

Hey what's sup fidget things it's me Joshua._.3078 from Instagram!!! Now I know to to clean my bearings!!!

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