Blind Man vs. The Fidget Spinner & Fidget Cube

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Tommy tries to identify and play with the Fidget Spinner and Fidget Cube.
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Directed/Edited by Ben Churchill - Subscribe for more TommyEdisonXP videos!

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“The Pink Everland” by Lady Lane
“Paw Prints” by Bob Hart
“Sunset Beach Song” (Instrumental) by Jim Gaven
“Likes” by Lady Lane
“Wellington Joke” by Bs


The Tommy Edison Experience says:

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Milly Brandwood says:

I love this video so much I was smiling, laughing and cry with joy

Paramjit Sandhu says:

Is he actually blind

Fosforlu Kalem says:

If i was blind i would learn to draw something very good so i can shock people or juggle 😀

Niki R says:

4:41 Tommy is a baloon losing air lol

Marcos says:

Tommy do you play Chess¿

ApeX MoDs says:

Hope U Can make it thru life Okay 🙂

Christina Olive says:

I love this Tommy you crack me up!!!

DbRnD1 says:

Tommy's laugh is the best thing ever

HLINE says:

love this channel

Emma Farias says:

It's so amazing how you can do that in your condition!!😯 I know it's kind of a weird fact but I learned about you in science!😂

2Dank4You says:

ive Always wondered if hes just faking the blind stuff

Yahna Butler says:

His laugh at 4:40💀💀💀💀

Gabriel Moreno says:

for chrismas ill get ppl a spring door stoppers instead of a fidget spinner. same thing. no tommy dont get into that stupid trend. your too awesome for those things. love your channel.

Gregor-Jan Pennert says:

He can see 4:26

Roolu says:

His amazing laugh forced me subscribe

heartybuns says:

i wanna see ya play with.slime!!

king of fry says:

U actually blind, cuz you seem pretty functional in this vid

SoloArt Studio says:

Nice show today…

spikeyheadanime says:

It would be cool to see Tommy play with a mixture of cornstarch and water, which is a solid if you hit it or move it quickly but a liquid if you sink your hand in slowly or let it drip. Him putting his hand in the Bisquick made me think of that haha

Creative Sparks says:

Not banned from my school or any school I know

erkandevens COOKBOOK says:

can Tommy do music reviews? I would honestly love to hear what he thinks about death grips, this is actually a serious comment lol

Sadia Ali says:

i just wanna hug him <3

Jake Pawley says:

are you really blind

Brandon Quinn says:

Ben: That's a fidget spinner. have you heard of it?

Tommy: Gasp I have no idea.


Bella The pug says:

Tommys laugh either a exited little girl or a old man! I love it! I love you tommy! ❤️❤️

Noah G161 says:

'Kids are getting hurt with them.'
I have never heard of anyone getting hurt from a fidget spinner.

Stephen Budders says:

Blind man Vs fidget toys. It's not a demonstration, it's a battle!

Ankh Dương says:

drops Fidget Spinner in cake batter
nothing happens
Tommy: having the best laugh of his entire life
I truly believe he has found the meaning of life

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