Bluetooth fidget spinner review and unboxing

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RocknRoll SuperJosh says:

I am actually listening to this on a Bluetooth fidget spinner. I got it today. No joke

StreetWize Photography says:

I just got one of these today and had a question, how long is it supposed to charge?

Akhilesh Sharma says:

really very excellent spinner

Clash Royale Slayer says:

WTF iPhone 3

Superlitgaming says:

Hey man awesome vid I just wanna know we're did u get it and how much did I cost 😊

Soccer bro Omarion says:

He said fidgey

Sheryl Hayes says:

I got to spend a but everytime I try it up and take it off the charger like it goes dead when I charge it do you know anything about it cuz I just bought me a green one

master chief fan says:

My bluetooth figitspinner is blue

master chief fan says:

How can I tell if my figitspinner is charged

Gaby Gonzalez says:

aw man!! I love fidgee spinners!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Karl Ian Joshua Celestino says:

Is that plastic?

Tyra Graham says:

can't wait to receive mines

Emily White says:

lol it's funny though

Emily White says:

it's fidget not fidgei

CN VLOGS says:

Fidget not figie


is it loud enough?

Jose Martinez says:

u can buy them at boost moblie for 2 is cheaper but for one it casuts more

MrlouieYT Venesovieche says:

I subscribe

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