Bought a lot of expensive fidget spinner

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Np Vlogz says:

As soon as I see you in hamriya park I'm gonna beat the hell out of you

Np Vlogz says:

You think you're going to talk trash about me and my camera and your telling that I don't know how to hold the camera 🎥 that's not how it works I am gonna kick your ass when you come to hamriya park 😡😡😡😡😤😡😡😡

Jp Vlogs says:

U don t know how to speak english

Jp Vlogs says:

I my better at making things

Np Vlogz says:

I subscribed for you only because of this video

Np Vlogz says:

This video was actually nice

Senhor Sulaiman says:

Awesome Haadi!

Ya boy Harambe says:

Please upload more content

Ya boy Harambe says:

I just subbed

naruto sha says:

hadi from where you buy led spinner

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