Canada Hand Fidget Spinner LED Maple Flag Test Review ThinkUnBoxing 4k

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Canada Hand Fidget Spinner LED -

Canada Hand Fidget Spinner LED Maple Flag Test Review ThinkUnBoxing 4k


Colorful LED Light Fidget Spinner With Dazzling Performance! It is cool and special!

Each spiner has 3 arms, each arm featured with red, green and blue light, led of each arm are controlled separately,

you're free to turn on led of 1 arm only, and keep other 2 off, or keep all leds light on

3-Mode: press button on each branch to switch mode

Ideal for Fidgety Hands, and Help Reduce Stress, Relieve Pressure and Anxiety, Focusing, Repel Anger, ADHD, Autism,and Keep You Awake, Kill time, etc.


Model: Tri Spinning Finger Toy

Light Color (3 colors): Red+Green+Blue

Shell Color: Canada Maple Flag

Gender: Unisex

Group: Kids/Adults/Seniors

Material: ABS

Size: 73mm x 55mm x 13mm approx

Packsge Includes:

1PCS LED Light Fidget Spinner

Hand Fidget Spinner LED CANADA Flag Maple Spinner


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Reshad Naweed says:

please make video from antzy top led spinner

Cherry Carroll says:

bro I'm going to LD the one for me and my brother and then LD one LD to Aldi's

Nickshala Sothirasa says:

Because I am a fans of Think Unboxing

Nickshala Sothirasa says:

Because I love the spinners

Nickshala Sothirasa says:

Because I love the Canada

François Touchette says:

y love canada je vien du canada

Cresencio Darunday says:

Do give away and start it with me

ALEX Nguyen says:

Bro I don't even think your giving fidget spinners

charry rockstar gaming says:

i would like to live in canada because of the cold i like cold temperatures and canadas great because there free heath care

Andrew Lawson says:

I want one because I never had a LED spinner

Prayash Raj Kc says:

I want fidget spinner please you come to nepal koteshwor 55

Vaishant Ashutosh says:

pls can u give me one design is so cool pls pls

Wadud Shuvro says:

I always liked your video , your video is so cool and calm. This Canada Hand Fidget Spinner very much pretty too look . Please give this FIDGET SPINNER

Facu Antequeda says:

I would like to live un Canada due to the snow, 'cause I'm from Argentina

K tran says:

I love To live one Canada because it is a free country and without it my parents couldn't come her

Nursyakiera Isabel says:

I would love to have one please as my collection and it would be awesome 👏

Brooke and Brody's channel says:

Hi my name is Brooke I love that fidget spinner I saw those and they were thirty dollars so I would really love one my brother has five so I would love one

buddy man says:

please have me one and like it a lot cause you guys and the snow

Ally Cai says:

J'en veux un car j'en fait la collection

Grocefoll says:

j'aimerais bien avoir un spinner

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