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She actually tries spinning it!!! HOW CUTE!!! Watch toward the end how much she understands how they work! I love watching her brain try to understand the concept of these toys! This is sooo cute! What smart cats! Hopefully I can train her to actually spin it real good haha. stay tuned maybe Ill keep practicing! thanks for watching!!


eliluong says:

HA! youtube changes the loading icon to a fidget spinner on these videos!

CАМИР TV says:
a pussy cat and spinner

Alvi cat channel says:

LOL, they are clueless.

Bogpaddle says:

Where is Zeus in your recent videos? Did you have to give him up?

randompersonontheinternet says:

My cat is addicted to fidget spinners xD

Shreeya Karki says:

Wow it's so cool!! Your vids are super entertaining!!😊☺

RyuMac The Wubbox Boy says:

So cute! Much better than Fidget Spinner memes. I don't like them as memes, but I like them more as collectibles.

Phe Apex says:

Where is Zeus 😓

Hennamina MLP says:


My cat just likes stopping it when you spin it for her

Chona Servantes says:

hes actually doing it xD

you're* says:

Haha, my kitten did the same. I didn't have to even teach her how, I just gave her one and she just did it. My kitten was always fascinated about how humans spun them before I gave it to her, than she learned how to do it herself, lol.

Toni Ricard says:

omg i give it a ten out of ten

FNAF fan Megan says:

Cats are smart and cute!!❤️❤️

Brooklyn Hinton says:

Same thing my sister's cat did.

DanceFloorOutCast says:

trophy wife has too much time on her hands much?

MewmewGrrl says:

I love cats more than anything in the world but it's a moving object, they're cats, of course they're going to bat at it 😛 It's natural for a toy loving or curious cat to do. My cat spun mine like crazy and then tried to carry it off in his mouth after.

naynay landfree says:

wow that cat must be smart if he knows how to use a fidget spinner cuz no other cats know how to use a fidget spinner

aven snow says:

Your cats are so cute 😀


exactly what i was looking for.. their reaction.. cool.. 🙂

Crazy Funny Cats says:

Catnip rubbed on works better👍🐱🐾

Come watch our may 28/17 aurora video

Turin Turambar says:

True prodigy. Fidget spinning world champ 2027

Panda Corns says:

Aww that's so cute

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