The world has gone crazy about Fidget Spinner lately. Here are some fresh memez created in their honor.
WARNING! Dangerous Firecracker Explosion Chain Reaction, Don´t Try this by yourself! Fidget Spinner Over 2x 500 FireCracker Bundle. Explosive Chain Reaction with Fire Cracker and 3$ Fidget Spinners! Crazy Fire Explosion Reaction, Wow! Leave me [More]
Today me and my friend Dillon decided to test if a 5 dollar fidget spinner could spin longer than a 100 dollar fidget spinner. Walgreens make sure to sponsor me ;). Dillons instagram : buccaneerswinston3
3 Awesome Life Hacks with Fidget Spinner You can subscribe here : facebook : music: Jim Yosef - Link [NCS Release] [Jim Yosef] • • •
2$ vs 5$ vs 10$ FIDGET SPINNER, which is better? You Can Buy These From AL-Balad if You are living in KSA (Saudi Arabia) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BE SOCIAL WITH US ON Whatsapp : +12052911120 Facebook : [More]
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