Spiderman Flying on a Giant Fidget Spinner! w/ Jasmine & Joker Funny Kids Show Jasmine and Spiderman are playing with fidget spinners together when Spiderman uses a wand to conjure a giant fidget spinner. He [More]
In this video I go over two awesome fidget spinners. and one of them actually was flying in the air!! Video's Used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dsOHbRlfvM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCqepEmmGpk LIKE SUB AND STAY UR SELF AND ILL SEE YOU IN [More]
This is a tutorial on how to make a fidget spinner levetate. 100% legitness
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$5 FIDGET SPINNER VS $1000 FLYING FIDGET SPINNER!! So yeah today I thought I would give out my opinion on this stupid trend of fidget spinnders. Hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching! [More]
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Bad Kids Magic Fidget Spinner Flight on Toilet! Family Fun Toys for Kids Сhildrens really love the spinner spinners. The kid twists the spinners and flies on the toilet. Vlad overeaten peas, farts and flies [More]
Please L I K E and S H A R E our video for today! Bad Baby Giant Fidget Spinner - Bad Kids Transform Car and Fly - Best Tricks for Learn Colors - https://youtu.be/PbWAbP03LPo [More]
So How Do Fidget Spinners Work? New to spinners? Don’t worry, it’s easy: hold it in your hand, use your other hand to rapidly spin it to keep it spinning forever. With enough practice, you [More]