GEARBEST ( sent me another big box full of fidget spinners as well as some other products. Let me know which ones you like the best out of these 👊🏻. And plz don't say its [More]
MONTHLY GIVEAWAY! Because I Tend to Ramble (Time Stamps Below!) The Box 00:43 The First Item 1:17 The Second Item 1:43 The Third Item 2:53 The Fourth Item 3:42 The Fifth Item 4:30 The [More]
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Watch Kev's unboxing fidget spinners video of the Hulk fidget spinner, Spider-Man fidget spinner, Captain America fidget spinner and Iron Man fidget spinner. These Avengers fidget spinners are amazing. He also announces 10 lucky boys [More]
Hope you guys did enjoy the video. And check out my brothers channel at Chase Flips or Chase Emenecker and he will be making an in boxing video with our other spinners.
Here are some super cool fidget spinners that I recently got. Which one is your top best favorites in this video? Fidget spinners on GearBest: ----other cool videos---- The Levitating/Floating Fidget Spinner: BIGGEST [More]
Hey guys today we are going to unbox a fidget spinner again as you know that we opened a fidget spinner last time but this time there is a difference that this fidget spinner is [More]