Hi everyone! Learn how to make DIY fidget Spinner the easiest way. Fidget spinner is a type of stress relieving toy. This toy help people who have trouble focusing. In my video I will show [More]
I had so much fun making this DIY Fidget Spinner. I was inspired by Megan Weller who made DIY Fidget Spinner WITHOUT BEARINGS! Using common household items , and also by Buzzfeed when they made [More]
Just got these fidget spinners in the mail, straight off the trade show floor in China. I don't expect to see these available from US stores for a few weeks. -- https://goo.gl/U9fxLP You can check [More]
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All you need is a hammer, battery and a roll of tape! Spinners I recommend Rainbow Spinner: http://ebay.to/2pc8gOW Spinner 2: http://ebay.to/2p0THSa
After spray-painying my spinner gold, i was putting the bearings back in. I decided the spin it and this happened!
How to make a fidget spinner with only one bearing. I hope this helped you if it did please like comment and subscribe
DIY Fidget Toy Spinner from Hex Nuts and Paracord, i really like this one and it has a spinn time of almost 2 minutes! Might go over 2 minutes! Enjoy! Remember to Like, Share and [More]