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So my last fidget spinner video has done extremely well so I thought I would make another one. There will be just about daily uploads this week so be on the lookout. Other fidget video [More]
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Hey guys I am back with another video but this time I am actually doing a fidget spinner video!So hoped you like it! Justmigs~~
it was raining in the morning so me and kai didn't plan anything big, just a chill flat bar session hope u guys enjoyed the video and don't forget to like comment and subscribe!! FIDGET [More]
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Hey what's going on guys! Today I will be comparing a one dollar fidget spinner to a twenty dollar Fidget spinner! Hope you guys enjoy! You guys really like my videos with fidget spinners involved [More]
Hey friend's this Fidget Spinner price only Rs 20 on my locality And this is a killer spinner according this price World's first fidget spinner phone:- Friends please subscribe my channel and watch my other [More]