Bhavya Gandhi Films & Madiot Films Presents FIDGET SPINNER Produced by Bhavya Gandhi & Rushi Naresh Dave Directed By Rushi Naresh Dave Written By Dhaval Chokhadia & Rushi Naresh Dave Creative Director - Niyati Swapnil [More]
Fidget Spinner Illuminati Toy Exposed Urdu/Hindi - We Are Watchers Ep 128 Fidget Spinners Trick minds to spin them. Almas Yaqoob Channel is all about We Are Watchers. If you are Looking for Almas Jacob [More]
Uno de los juguetes de moda que arrasa entre niños y adultos. Sencillo pero con su punto de tecnología. Suscríbete Echa un vistazo a nuestros vídeos Sigue de cerca nuestras playlists Facebook [More]
This is our 8th Series of Best fidget spinner review on amazon. Will these new spinners compete with our 3 champions Chillax, Sungkong and Tyzest? **********New 5/3 Exclusive Giveaway for Chillax Spinner *********** ********************************************************************** [More]
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Το νέο trend λέγεται Fidget Spinner! Και το παίζουν οι καλλιτέχνες των Mad VMA 2017!
Fidget Spinner is cool so I’m giving away 10 1000 like+1000 Subscribe = 10 Giveaway 2000 like+2000 Subscribe = 15 cool glow -in the dark These fidget toys are crazy! The fidget cube is so [More]
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SPINNERS : Realiza TRUCOS INCREÍBLES con tus manos!! Spinner fidget toy (Nuevo juguete de moda) Spinners es el nuevo juguete que está causando furor en 2017 No olvidéis apoyar con un like si os gusta [More]
10 Juguetes Más POPULARES Que El Fidget Spinner - Los mejores Top 10 ▶TWITTER → ▶INSTAGRAM → ▶FACEBOOK → ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-m@il para sugerencias y negocios: Canal dedicado a vídeos en forma [More]