Sorry for not making many gaming vids. Ill get more out.
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New trending toy in budget, Fidget spinner. For people of all ages.
The center bearing is made with Si3N4 ceramic balls which are generally the highest grade available which surpasses either Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2) or steel bearings. And our bearing has a black stainless steel outer ring [More]
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This video shows a fidget spinner, it cost £1.89 / $2.46, it is the next generation of LED light technology in a fidget spinner, it only has 1 set of LED's in one of the [More]
Today I Review The 3 arm classic fidget spinner. (Shipping takes like 20 Days Btw) Spinners Black & White: Black: Black And Blue: White And Black: If There Are Different Colors [More]
Reviewing 2 arms and 3 arms fidget spinner & squishy pineapple donut