In this weeks project, we'll show you how to 3d print a fidget spinner. A fidget spinner is a simple and basic handheld toy meant for mindless fidgeting. These toys are one of those "I [More]
A lesson designed for my students to create a more complex fidget spinner. This lesson will teach you how to remix the basic spinner found in my first fidget spinner video []. This will make [More]
My brother has a 3D printer, and I saw these at school, and in videos, so he printed some and we got bearings. I have a new posting schedule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will post every Saturday because [More]
**PLEASE READ!*** - Center cap is pressure fitted and should not be removed once installed. A quick video tutorial showing you how to install bearings and your center cap and gemstone bead into a 3D [More]
In the previous video I created this Covert fidget spinner model, after that it was just saving it as stl file, put my 3D printer on and 30min later with could assembled this new spinner. [More]
Hello guys, today I made this awesome geared fidget spinner. I Created it in fusion 360 and printed it using my 3d printer. Its the first time I printed moving parts. Turned out pretty cool. [More]
Puedes comprar esta impresora desde amazon: Descubre más de esta impresora pinchando en estos enlaces: Rodamientos: Spinner: Página de donde saco los diseños 3D: Materiales de dibujo que uso [More]
A time lapse video of the production of our new 2 colour fidget spinner. This video shows the 3D printing of the various parts that make up the design, part 2 will show the sanding [More]
Just some 3D Printing on my Anet A8. My sister wanted me to 3D print a "Fidget spinner" so I decided to stream it. Thanks for watching!