Modeled this Atom fidget spinner in Creo parametric 3.0. Used 10 mm steel ball bearings and glue them in the printed part. Next pressed in a Bones Red Ceramic 608 bearing and tatataaa new hand [More]
For something completely different: Maybe an Emmet Gear Bearing isn't the best way to do a fully 3D printed spinner. Now to try a nested gear bearing with pennies for weight. Download your own [More]
Spinner: 39m 12s, 2.09m Peg cap: 11m 32s, 0.53m Bearings: cheap 608zz Filament: ESUN PLA BLUE Printer: Rebel II
Designed a mini-fidget spinner toy. Thingiverse: This is notionSunday's Project #25 ** Like/Share/Subscribe **
Fidget Spinnere er åbenbart all the rage ligenu. Så jeg har endeligt fået taget mig sammen til at printe en selv. Også selvom jeg er late to the party... igen XD ------ Min Twitter:
I've been showing how to model fidget spinners in Fusion360 as a way to get more people interested in designing their own models for printing. It seems to be working, so here is another tutorial. [More]
Made one of World's smallest Fidget Spinner. Ok I had some bearing from burned or crashed drone motor, so I modeled this little tri spinner frame for printing. Its as small as a 2 euro [More]
Update: Thanks for the views! I got this awesome 3D printed hand fidget toy/spinner. Quickly gaining control and i love it. I was actually playing with at i edited the video. Thingiverse: I did [More]
In this video, I will show you, how I made my own Fidget Spinner, using Autodesk Fusion 360.I have used my Anet A8 3D Printer to print all the parts. Btw I am Giving Away [More]