Like & Subscribe (links in description) This Fidget was not made by me. But this toy has some advantages. It helps with passing time, concentration and focus, EDC and ADHD. Plus it's a fun toy [More]
This spinner is inspired by Fibonacci spiral. I've used two colors of PLA Pink and Silver. Moving parts are great and I always wanted to try it with my spinners. You can adjust the weight [More]
We made world largest fidget spinner with huge Prenta M3 3D-printer! Thanks to Prenta and Vertex for supporting our stupid ideas! Music: Expressions 10 - Gunnar Johnsén Air - Gunnar Johnsén Vision Of [More]
For something completely different: Order a fidget spinner from Gearbest and get a discount with the code GBFSpinner Not counting the cost of owning and operating a 3D printer, this fidget spinner costs [More]
I made a few Fidget Spinners with a 3D printer, grabbed some Red Bearings, and used spray paint to make my own DIY hand spinner. The spinner is insanely fast and works absolutely great! It [More]
I'm jumping on the fidget spinner bandwagon and showing you how to EASILY make one in Autodesk Fusion 360 in 5 MINUTES. I printed mine on the BCN3D Sigma R17 using Matterhackers PRO PLA. THE [More]