In today's video, I show you how to do hand spinner switch up trick! Let me know what fidget spinner tricks you want to see next in the comments section below! Click on the like [More]
Been fidgeting with spinners about a month now, did modifications to most of my spinners and swapping out parts changing and testing different kinds of bearings, posting photos and videos of them online at Instagram [More]
In this video im taking a closer look at the popular toy this day, the fidget spinner. It spins for a long time and its a great time waster if you are bored! ENJOY! ★☆★ [More]
Yet another fidget spinner, this time made from some special diy epoxy. Materials for this spinner is: 1. Epoxy: 2. 608 ZZ: 3. Step Drill: 4. Sandpaper: 5. Any kind of [More]
Hey everyone! Today I am checking out a few suggestions on how to get your cheap bearings to perform better for your Fidget Spinner. I am using fairly cheap bearings which I got on Ebay [More]
My design of fidget spinner 3d printed on my Rebel 2. One 608RS bearing and 10 steel balls (8,72mm diameter) pressed inside. 0.2mm layer red pla at 197°C Buy my spinners at: You can [More]
Get the best EDC Tri-spinner you can get. Three bearings surround the center bearing. All fits are pressure fit and will stay in. The no bearing option comes with no bearings. All bearings are new [More]