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Fidget spinner ABEC 7 HOW LONG CAN IT GO?
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Things You Need: Computer Fan Hack (1) 1: Computer Fan 2: 2x 9 volt Batteries & Connectors 3: Box or Medicine Can 4: ON/OFF Switch Ball Bearings Hack (2) 1: 4x Skateboard Bearings 2: Foam [More]
Unboxing ABEC 9 Fidget Spinner & Skateboard Wheel Bearings Full HD 2017! Intro Designed by Joseph Hung Outro Designed by Jason ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
the real use for fidget spinners haha! this episode sure was fun to make hehe!
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I keep hearing people say using WD-40 on your spinner bearings will make it spin faster and longer! NO!! It will make it spin quieter, smoother, and yes faster BUT it will slow down faster [More]