Using Liquid Adamantium bearing this fidget spinner is able to spin for an incredible 20 minutes... Thanks for watching Other spinners
This affordable fidget spinner (Treble Mini) Spins for an amazing 5 Minutes and 11 seconds! Buy it here: Instagram: Facebook: - Silky Thoughts and Peace of Mind (Original Mix) by FortyThr33 [More]
10 minute fidget spinner, 10 minutes 7 seconds! bought from
Hello this is Fidget Toy manufacturer. We make all kinds of Fidget Toys, like Fidget Spinner/ Fidget Pad/ Fidget MoonDrop etc. from China. For more info, /whatsapp +86-13088881807
I got this spinner on amazon and cleaned the bearing. On amazon you can find it here srry for the bad quality of the vid
this thing is the best thing ever. thx for 39 sub music; laky inspired angel