Review of this spinner that spins for 2 minutes 5 secs. I prefer the size of dual spinners since they are easier to carry around and more discreet. However, this tri spinner is very comfortable [More]
Fidget Spinner run time approximately 3 - 8 minutes, Zinc alloy with High Speed Ball Bearing
This is a heavy 120g (4.25oz) brass fidget hand spinner. This spinner spins almost 6 minutes nonstop. This is really a heavy spinner watch the end of the video where i compare it to other [More]
Special Fidget Spinner spinning 10 minutes when started with air compressor. Fidget Spinner used: MATEMINCO EDC Ultimate 8
Spin test time! Here is an 8 MINUTE spin with the Samshao Aeroship ( ). This spinner uses a stainless steel 606 bearing with a cage. note amazon link is an affiliate link
US Order link: UK Order link: DE Order link: : FR Order link: IT Order link: ES Order link: HIGH SPEED SPINNER: Smooth high speed spinning of 4~6 minutes in [More]
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This video is about 7 MIN SPIN TIME!!!!! fidget spinner unboxin EP.2
Compramos dois fidget spinners! Também conhecido como hand spinner. Fizemos unboxing de dois FidgetSpinners toys dourados. O Maikito aprendeu para que serve o famoso brinquedo que gira na mão 😀 Style! NOSSA CAIXA POSTAL: Apartado [More]