This video is about 7 MIN SPIN TIME!!!!! fidget spinner unboxin EP.2
Compramos dois fidget spinners! Também conhecido como hand spinner. Fizemos unboxing de dois FidgetSpinners toys dourados. O Maikito aprendeu para que serve o famoso brinquedo que gira na mão 😀 Style! NOSSA CAIXA POSTAL: Apartado [More]
PRODUCT LINK to the NEW COLOR MATEMINCO EDC Ultimate 8 min spinner: THE Rolls Royce of FIDGIT Spinners 2017 MATEMINCO, THE BEST 8 MIN, Unedited footage , Fidget spinner from Banggood Unedited footage WITH [More]
Just a video of me testing a fidget spinner. I hope you enjoy this video. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment. Thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in the next one! Remember to [More]
This spin is straight out the box, no cleaning or anything! Torqbar style fidget spinner, see the in depth look here:
Here's the link directly to the Amazon product page: I've tested quite a few spinners, and the quietest ones are the ones you make (i.e. buying bearings on Amazon and 3D printing the plastic). [More]
MEU INSTAGRAM PARA O SORTEIO: MEU FACEBOOK PARA VER O DRAGON RODANDO 8 MINUTOS: Muito bem eu sou o Luccas e no vídeo de hoje eu comprei 700 reais em fidget spinners !! [More]
2 Packs Tri Fidget Hand Spinner: Tri Fidget Hand Spinner: WHOLESALE Tri Hand Fidget Spinner: Rainbow Hand Triangle Tri Fidget Spinner:
MATEMINCO EDC Over 7 min Rotating Hand Spinner: 🔥23% OFF Coupon: LXP401 (code valid until July 30th, 2017) More Nice Hand Spinners in Banggood: Fidget Spinner Case (US): Fidget Spinner Case (International): [More]