The News: If you didn't know better, you would think these children are talking about something sinister. But they're not. They are talking about the fidget spinner. "Fidget is a big word for anything you [More]
As you all know, Leland loves his fidget spinners. So much so that he kept taking them to school. He has been told over and over again to leave them at home and today his [More]
The world's favourite new hobby, fidget spinners, may be banned in schools across the board. Teachers are calling to an end for fidget spinners after noticing that productivity in their classrooms is extremely low. NEW [More]
The News: The fidget spinner gives kids something to do with their hands, but schools are banning them, saying they're a distraction. When there's a supply of fidget spinners, it doesn't last long. "I've never [More]