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5 Simple ways to clean Ball Bearings - Fidget Spinners: As you know fidget spinner is very popular in the world. There are many people are making this toy by ourselves. And one of the [More]
Unboxing/review of my Monospin Sabuy Tri Fidget Spinner With Metal Ball Bearings. Its Awesome!
I've been asked about what makes ceramic bearing spinners spin for longer. Well it's all about the friction! Ceramic bearings have a lower coefficient of friction that steel ones, but importantly they also have a [More]
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This was to answer a viewer question about this spinner. I would prefer to use a bearing retainer, IE threadlock, but the tolerances on this spinner are pretty bad and the bearing is also shaped [More]
Dry your bearings properly! Condensation is a killer.
Hello in this video i will show other variant of my Fidget Spinner Made without bearings! Hope you will like video..Don't Forget To Like,Subscribe and Share with your Family and Friends:) FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK:- [More]
This video shows a fidget spinner I got today, it cost £1.04 / $1.35, it is made from plastic with single steel ball bearings in the 5 arms, This fidget spinner is the first of [More]