OMG! IN THIS VIDEO I THROW MY FIDGET SPINNER AT 9999MPH 3 TIMES OUT THE WINDOW!! BUT DOES IT BREAK? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks For Watching! If you are new please be sure to SUBSCRIBE as it [More]
Subscribe for more: Update: I'm making the ultimate Beyblade. Soon here! 😉 Looks like everyone is loving these fidget spinners toy things. Looks like is part of many EDC ( every day carry) out there [More]
Try to break glass with fidget spinner
Morgz breaks a glass with a FIDGET SPINNER and it was epic !! Check him out.
Just CA Glue & Bearings! That's all you need to make a fidget spinner. No tools required! If it breaks no problem just glue it back together. To extend the spinning time just put some [More]