Tri Lobe Spinner Rainbow. Removing and adjusting bearing. 1. Remove Cap by twisting anticlockwise 2. Remove inner screw cap by twisting anticlockwise 3. Flip to remove bearing. 4. Reverse order to reinstall bearing. Remember, loose [More]
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Like fidget spinners? Check out this slick training to design your own caps for your new spinner!
Quick video demonstrating how to assemble finger caps. This is the only assembly required for our Hand Spinner fidgets! Check out our laser cut spinners on
One of the coolest things about getting a good fidget spinner is that you can upgrade the buttons (also known as the caps, or the things you hold while it's spinning). Here is a lot [More]
DIY Cheap Penny | Fidget Spinner Caps | Fidget Spinners are really cool! You can spin em' in your hand, or on the table, IF you have caps. If you don't have any caps for [More]
How to make a bottle cap fidget spinner without bearings!
Having trouble keeping the caps on your fidget spinner? Here is a solution to solve that!