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Mini Project Make a fidget spinner out of bottle caps how to make fidget spinner with no bearings Twitter@surgetube Instagram@surgetube SUBSCRIBE Lets get 1000 subscribers
SUBSCRIBE HERE! IT'S FREE!! - Hi there! I find a EASIEST WAY to make a Hand Spinner Fidget Toy Finger Buttons at home. For this AMAZING project we NEED: 1. Ball Bearings - [More]
Lots of basic skills covered as we create some caps with your initials for a fidget spinner. Master TinkerCAD shortcuts, and basic tools while creating the caps. You can skip the monogram part if you [More]
A short video demonstration showing how to install colored bearing caps. Available Here: Caps are pressure fitted, In this video I use a section of wood to install the caps but you can use [More]
Very good to grip onto without interfering with the bearing. Just glue two 5/8" Jean buttons onto each side and that's it! Very easy and helps a lot with grip.
I got some inspiration walking through Lowe's. I have a couple ideas but this one works great, its easier to catch and because i have mastered the "drop it on the floor" trick lol it [More]
It looks really nice and you have the satisfaction of making something with your own hands.